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The Lonely Days - Part 1

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

How often do we speak out about how we feel?

Sometimes we do and that is so good for our soul and sometimes we continue to pretend we have it all together. It is times when we can be in our lowest ebb that we can feel like we are loneliest person on the planet, where we can feel so very alone, and our voice can be small.

We all talk about the ups and downs of life this can be part and parcel for us all and part of life … I recently hit a bump! And it knocked me not knowing whether I was coming or going feeling afraid, alone, confusion, fear of judgement and feeling stuck in myself. It IS a lonely feeling and it felt like the energy drained away from me. We never really know how someone else is feeling do we? The biggest most vibrant person can feel the loneliest OR the quietest person can be the most content.

In my soul searching I was connecting to the spirit world not for anyone else but just the joy of sitting and connect and this is what I was told …

Time is not what governs the world of spirit it is a man-made substance; we are able from this world to see looking back and going forward (in time).

Overtime there are some issues that impact on all of humanity and that will not and cannot change as that is part of experiencing and living a life on earth.

We must all feel a vast array of lessons we must feel both the summer and the winter, new beginning, and endings.

The advice we bring forth for a happy earthly life is to focus on what your own wishes are, for those will differ from others and therefore not everyone will support you on your adventure, but your wishes and dreams are yours alone.

We will help you to embrace and harness such power to help you move forward.

Everything can be at your fingertips when the time is yours.

That resonated with me, how often we look after everyone else and forget about our own hearts, how often we can be the first on the scene but the last to ask for any support and how often we leave ourselves little space. I realised that with some inwardly care and some time to take stock, I am okay and will be okay … and if I will be then so will you!

When we are in our small lost phase remember that this too shall pass, that we aren’t really the only person on the planet that no matter how small your voice is, it is your power and the more you use it the stronger you feel and there is no shame in struggling, there is empowerment in telling your story and remembering that we must as spirit said learn from life, we can’t just learn from the sunshine we also learn so much from the shade.

Don’t give up on yourself right now you can be your own motivator and although we may feel like the loneliest person on the planet, we are surrounded by love we just sometimes can’t always recognise it in that dark moment. The spirit world doesn’t look after us some of the time they are there with us ALL of the time. But of course they cannot live our lives for us otherwise how would we learn? But they are there guiding us along our ups and downs.

So, my message to you all today is you are good enough, you are seen, and you can do this.

Your voice is your power just as mine is mine!

Let’s keep talking and moving forward with hope in our heart and knowing that nothing stays the same... just as our seasons change in time we do too.

With love always

Debra x

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Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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