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The Spirit Garden of Positivity

It is so very difficult at the moment to keep ourselves okay isn't it?

Yesterday was my day off work so it was lovely to just rest a little and not rush around. As I connected leisurely to the spirit world I was shown a beautiful scene by my guide, my learned man as I call him. He showed me two very different scenes either side of the pathway we were walking together.

As we walked our pathway we stopped to look at the two very different scenes. The scene to the left to where we were stood was amazing, it was an amazing garden filled with beautiful colourful flowers and plants and it looked and smelt heavenly. I felt it was the sort of place we would all like to visit to find some peace, the sort of place you could sit for hours just admiring the view. The place to the right was the opposite of this, it was bare, there were no plants or flowers growing and the grass looked like it was all burnt, it looked sad and lonely.

My learned man showed me that the garden on the left was created through kind positive thought and the garden to the right was created through negative and toxic thought. He told me the garden to the left was initially hard work, like any garden it takes a lot of time, commitment, grit and determination and there are times when it feels in the beginning, that the growth will never happen, but he showed me that what we reap we sow and once it starts to bloom it can be amazing and that it will move from strength to strength. The other side he showed me doesn't take any effort to maintain but doesn't bring any joy or peace.

I was really amazed by what I saw and felt as it made so much sense and resonated with me as I know that I have still some work to do with ensuring I can stay in positive bloom. But my guide the learned man told me I must share it with everyone and so here it is. His advice in starting this ... start small, count our blessings and try to focus on something we love and with some patient and tender loving care it will blossom and grow ... YOU will blossom and grow. Finally he told me if we can be curious and have courage this can help us to overcome our fear. If we just have a go anyway we will always be surprised where we end up.

So my message to you all right now is this is a time more than ever where we need to look after ourselves, perhaps we can just start small and start planting some seeds, after all what is that saying ? Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Click here to join me for the free meditation tomorrow night - Maybe this can help you on your way? Little steps can make big leaps...

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Thank you. I will definitely be doing this xxx❤

Me gusta

Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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