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The Spirit World.... A Closer Look

It can be so hard when we lose a loved one to understand what exactly has happened and even more difficult for us to get our head round the fact we will not see them again.

But that for me is not exactly true ..

Yes we will not see them again physically which hurts us so much, but we will all one day be together again and in the meantime our loved ones who reside in the spirit world walk with us everyday.

How do I know that ? Maybe I am just saying it to make you feel better ?

Well like I always say it is a journey of discovery and we cannot convince anyway who does not want to know this and neither should we! I can only speak to you about my truth and for me there is absolutely no doubt, I am more convinced of the spirit world sometimes than I am of the living.

From being young there has always been the greatest draw, connection and fascination with the spirit world. I had been seeing and sensing spirit for quite some time before but there is always something magical for me when at the age of around 9 or 10 I read my mother's full collection of Doris Stokes books back in mid 1980s.This brought me quickly into a world of magic that I had before and ever since known to be real, a world that is my reality that helps me to feel calmer as we are always okay. Why? Because there are no goodbyes, there are no ends, just the turning of the page and new beginnings.

It has been almost a decade now since I left my profession as a registered nurse and my role as a senior manager with our NHS, to follow my dream - but for me it did not just feel like a dream it felt like my calling. Upon reflection I can recognise now that my career in the NHS was all preparation for the current work that I do in lots of ways and although like any work it is difficult at times would I change a thing? Absolutely not - there is nothing I would rather be doing.

So what happens in the spirit world and where do they go, well the spirit world told me a long time ago, that life continues on, we just shed this old overcoat called the body that at that point no longer serves us but we feel the same and in the spirit world we are with our people, those that we love, some of them we may not have met in physical life but we are still joined by the bond of love. I recently was doing a sitting for a young woman and her paternal grandfather came through. She said 'Oh I did not know him, he died before I was born', but the point was he knew all about her! He was with her, helping and guiding her and why would he not be? She was his precious grandchild the daughter of his beloved daughter, and when she goes to the spirit would he will be there to meet her and I love that. I love the knowledge that as our family grows and perhaps in time grandchildren come, my Dad and Nan and the rest of the family will know them and love them the same as when they were in their physical body.

When my Nan passed to the spirit world she quickly came back to communicate with me, within 24 hours she was excited to tell me all she has done and who she had met up with since passing. Later another time we were connected together I asked her what it looked like where she was and she said

" well we've built a Tudhoe in heaven" (the name of the place she lived for most of her adult life).

My understanding is their perception of the spirit world looks how they want it to look, so my Nan's included the place she loved the most, with all her friends she loved. In the spirit world they are with who they want to be with and they are around supporting us still, after all why would they not be?

Before Christmas I did a sitting for a woman who has lost her mother and her mother said to her, I have never left you I'm right with you every step of the way, if you look to the side you may not see but you will feel me at times, I'm there.

So my message to you all this morning is there is no death! Life goes on, there is only life after life! and that in the spirit world are all of our loved ones and we will see them again. In the meantime as we live our lives and they want us to live our best life please know that they are with us and know what goes on in our lives, we never lose connection, why? Because our hearts are just as entwined today as they always were, love can never be broken or dissolved and it is love that keeps our hearts and souls connected.

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2 comentarios

That was so beautiful it made me cry and smile at the same time at a time when I really needed to be reading it.Don’t know if it’s lockdown but my love and pining to see my mam is increasing with time! Just miss everything about her every day.I feel so much comfort knowing she is with my son and all the loved ones she lost over the year. No less than she deserves! Thank you again Debra for giving me comfort, hope and peace.You are indeed an Angel ❣️Xxx

Me gusta

Very Interesting but how can it keep evolving ie parents of parents of parents going back to like how long ? and say if it is as myself then I would only know so many up to my grandad but he would know more/others obviously ??

Me gusta

Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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