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The Sunny Side of the Street..

As we draw towards Mothers Day, a day to celebrate and honour Mothers everywhere, we see it is full of shining, perfect warm images and how lovely it is for so many!!

However, it is also a time that can be dreaded by so many... Mothers missing children, children missing Mothers, those that have not had healthy relationships with Mothers feeling robbed or different, a time when our lives aren't like the glossy adverts and it can make us feel even more alone.

For me it's a time of appreciation but a time like so many when I miss my family. We would always go out for a family meal, which we can't do now due to restrictions and I haven't, like so many people, seen my eldest daughter since August - but also some of my family are now in spirit. My precious Dad who was amazing and my Nan who was a second Mother to me .. however what I know and what I feel the spirit world wanted me to share today none of us are alone.

Our loved ones, our mothers, people who were like mothers to us and our children who are in the spirit world gather close to us right now. Why is that? Yes, because it is a special occasion, but most certainly because we need them. They are never far away and the bond of love cannot be broken, not now not ever.

When our physical body is shed and we move into the spirit world I believe we are all joined together by the invisibility of love. It cannot be seen but oh my goodness it is our superpower - that which has brought us and binds us together. We cannot ever be separated or lost.

As I am sat writing this I was thinking of my Nan who was to me like a second mother so I sent out a thought to her ..

"Are you around Nan? What do you think of this then?"

I immediately felt her presence as she replied...

"Why of course I am". She told me the spirit world is not a long way away and showed me where she lived and I grew up. The place was separated by a main road. She said "Look it is like you are one side of the street and we are on the other side of the street, separated by the main road, which we can cross whenever we like and do often to see you all".

What a lovely thought and exactly how I see it.

As I am writing this I remember a while ago sitting quietly with my guides in meditation, finding myself in the most wonderful garden. There was rush of people in the spirit world who were coming towards me, some I knew in life, some I knew in spirit (through my work as a medium). There was the overwhelming feeling of love and excitement. I am reminded of this now to let us all know that as we approach Mothering Sunday none of us are alone. .. you know why? Because that bond of love cannot and will not ever be broken. The physical body may have broken down but the spirit lives on and we are surrounded in love.

So my message to you all at this time is to send out your thoughts to your loved ones and know they will gather close to you. Signs may come in many ways. Our worlds are not separate just perhaps two sides of the same road that can be crossed and IS crossed regularly and one day we will all be together on the sunny side of the street ... but until then they will guide us along our pathway and keeping walking with us.

Sending you all my love today and always 💛💛💛

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1 Comment

Mar 13, 2021

Thank you. Lots of love back at you. ❤️ X


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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