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The Wellness of Spirit ...

There is no illness and pain in the spirit world!

In all my time as a medium, in all of the many, many sittings and messages I have ever delivered over the year has spirit ever said, "Oh I'm not healed yet I am still poorly"? This message had never ever come and it will not.


Because the spirit world is where full restoration and healing takes place, it is a place where we feel and become whole again.

A really interesting conversation I had a little while ago now with a beautiful lady in the spirit world comes to my mind ...

.... she had been so poorly and thoroughly exhausted before she passed to the spirit world, she told me that to her amazement she couldn’t get over and believe how light and free she felt since she shed her physical body and had moved into the spirit world. She felt amazed and completely restored. She said it was better than winning the lottery because there was nothing to fear, no endings or death and that most importantly she was not away from her family but with them every day.

Her love, excitement and joy was so contagious that myself and her loved one I was doing the sitting for could really feel her excitement. We too felt on top of the world - our eyes filled with tears of joy at such a strong, powerful exciting message because we could feel the rush of excitement and we couldn’t help but be uplifted by the energy. That is what the spirit world want! They want us to be full of joy and happiness because in spirit that’s exactly what it is like.

The spirit world isn't a place that is separate to our world. It is entwined and interconnected. It is a place that cannot and will not ever be separate and it is there where love and life continues on. Life is for living both here and in the spirit world. Learning and joy doesn't stop when we shed the physical - on the contrary it starts up again!

We can often feel so guilty for enjoying our life once one of our loved ones are not with us here anymore. But so often they tell me to pass the message on, please laugh, please have fun, live your best life because we love it when you do and we laugh and enjoy with you, just like we did when we were here!

So my message for you today is life is eternal - we cannot and do not die. When we move into the realms of the spirit we are well again in all aspects and most importantly we do not lose that connection to those we love. We are never separated. They are just around the corner and one day we will all know this for ourselves.

Please don't wait until you go to spirit to find that joy. If you live the best you can when you're here and find that joy again, your precious loved ones will be right beside you enjoying it with you, every step of the way.

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